What’s your kryptonite?

If you ever watched the movie or comic series “Superman” you will know that despite his incredible strength, he had a major weakness.

Introducing, the Kryptonite!

What’s a kryptonite?

The kryptonite is like a rock-like material that zaps all the strength from Superman.

When you place it beside him he becomes like a shell of his former self. Almost like a baby…

Even you reading this could beat him when you place it beside him.

Why am I bringing this up?

Well, Superman is not alone in this.

We all have a kryptonite whether you admit it or not.

And by Kryptonite I mean a weakness.

This can be a bad habit

A weakness

Pride, ego, a competitor, a person etc.

That’s not all…

It’s one thing to identify your kryptonite, it’s another to create a plan to minimize or neutralize its effects.

Look at the scenarios below;

When you wake up would checking social media immediately slow you down?

Would eating a particular type of food weaken you?

Or maybe reading gossip blogs or news will not put you in the right mood…

Whatever it is, you have to identify it. After you identify it, the next step is to tackle it.

Well, there are three ways.

1. Avoid it totally.

There are times you just have to avoid certain things totally if you want to progress. It’s up to you to determine if you’re ready for this.

As for me, I know certain types of foods can slow me down so I avoid them altogether.

2. Set boundaries.

It’s not every weakness you can avoid, there are some you just have to minimize. That’s where boundaries come in, I would explain this.

Boundaries will help limit these weaknesses, for example if there’s a colleague or business partner of yours who likes to chit-chat at work and you know it affects your productivity, you have to tell them and set work limits aka “boundaries” with them.

3. Choose a substitute for your Kryptonite

Make substitutes for your kryptonite, if it’s laziness replace it with hard work, if it’s negative relationships or circle of friends replace it with positive ones.

You have to be conscious of it and decide to replace it with the opposite.

And that’s how you overcome your kryptonite.

Stay winning friends.

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Demi Ademiluyi.