What is a sponsored ad on instagram

You’re scrolling down your Instagram feed, you see a “sponsored ad”, then another sponsored ad…

And you’re thinking to yourself, “how did this come about, well today you will know.

So, what is a sponsored ad on Instagram?

It’s an ad that has been paid for by the advertiser. Let me explain.

When you create a post and pay Instagram to promote the post for you that’s a sponsored post. Now that you know what a sponsored ad on Instagram is, the next step is to create one.

Here are the steps you must take to create a sponsored ad.

1. Create a post on Instagram

2. After you have created the post, click on the promote button.

3. After clicking on it, choose your targeting.

4. You will choose a budget then wait for Instagram to review and approve it.

It’s important you target the right people. I touched on targeting in this post here.

So why do people do Sponsored ads on Instagram?

1. To increase their sales.

2. To reach more people.

3. To get more engagement and visibility.

4. To gain more followers.

You must know the reason why you want to put up a sponsored post. Doing this right will make you reach all the goals you’ve ever wanted.

Imagine hitting all your sales goals, customer goals, and more.

Knowing how sponsored ads work can do a lot to your business. There are 3 things that matter when putting up a sponsored ad.

a. The picture or video

The picture or video has to be one that gets their attention and makes them convinced enough to take up your offer. If it doesn’t get their attention they will scroll past and your money will be flushed down the drain.

b. The copy

This refers to the write-up or content you put up immediately after the pic . It has to be well written and educating enough to make your prospect want to take action.

c. Call to action

This means you must tell them to take a certain action, whether it’s for them to click on a website link, send a direct message or visit your profile.

That explains what a sponsored ad really means. If you want want to put up sponsored ads or have questions feel free to ask in the comments.

Cheers to success!