Step by Step Guide to Creating A Successful Facebook Advert

Imagine being able to show 1.9 billion people your products or service from the comfort of your home or office. That’s the power Facebook can give you. This post will cover all the necessary steps you need to run a successful Facebook advert.

Introduction to Facebook Advertising

In this post I would be documenting the processes that I’ve created to run successful adverts that has given me results in industries like Skincare, Education, Automobile, Crafts, Accessories, and E-commerce. Having spent over $10000 on ads for myself and companies, while I’m not a “guru”, at least I know what works and what doesn’t work.

The First step in creating a Facebook advert is creating a Facebook Business Page

How do you create a Facebook Business Page

A Facebook business page is like your business address on Facebook.

That’s where people can locate your business and make enquiries. You also need it to run adverts.

If you don’t have a Facebook business page up yet, click here to learn how to set it up and get your page running!

The next step is to create a Facebook Business Manager Account 

So why do you need it?

Facebook business manager allows advertisers to manage their marketing efforts in one place. Imagine you had 20 different business pages, you need a business manager to handle all of them.

If you are not yet familiar with the Facebook business manger, click here to learn how to open a business manager account.

After you have created your business manager account, the next step is to choose a payment solution

Lots of people have problems with payment on Facebook

Well, there are three options when it comes to payment

1. Visacard

2. Mastercard

3. Third party services e.g Getbarter

I currently use getbarter. The thing about Facebook is that things constantly change, same with payment. Something that’s going smooth right now, might not be the same next year so we have to keep adapting.

Third party services will still use Visacard or Mastercard but they will enable you to pay in dollars.

It’s because of currency issues people have problems paying directly to Facebook.

After you have gotten past the payment challenge, the next step is going to your Audience Insight Tool.

What’s Facebook Audience Insight Tool?

Facebook Audience Insight tool is a Facebook tool that helps you research your target market and know certain features like their age, demography, interests, mobile devices and lots more.

Things like;

Job title

Relationship status

Age range

Pages they interact with

Education levels


And much, much more…

Here’s how the Facebook Audience Insight looks like:


In the Facebook Audience Insight tool you research your target market and know what they really like.

Many people that lose money on adverts don’t put in any time to do the necessary research for their business. They just burn their money on adverts and think it’s a LOTTERY ticket to getting new customers.

It doesn’t work that way.

Before you put up an advert you have to be 100% sure of your market. You must be sure of their:

  • Age
  • Interests
  • Demography
  • Pages they like
  • Placements

Let’s touch each

1. Age

Why is the Age important when setting up an ad?

Well, you want to target the audience that can buy your product. Let me explain.

If you’re selling an item for newly wedded couples and you target an 18 year old isn’t that a waste of money?

The same applies to other markets.

You have to determine the decision maker, if they have adequate capital and are at the average stage required to consume or purchase the product.

The Audience Insight tool will make it easier too.

With that we go to the next step.

2. Interests

Like Age, Interest is also an important factor when running ads.

Imagine trying to market a soccer boot to a lady who has no interest in soccer.

Or marketing a piano to someone who has no interest in music not to talk of learning an instrument.

When you target based on interests you make your adverts achieve their goals faster.

So how does Facebook know everyone’s interest?

Well, Facebook has an algorithm that tracks everyone’s activity.

Based on that, Facebook know everyone’s interest and pages they interact with.

3. Demography

From the name demography you can tell that it means the location of the person. This helps target the location of the person.

4. Job title

This is another feature of the Audience Insight tool. You can research your market even to their job titles.

When you use this tool well, you will see better results in your adverts.

That takes us to the next stage.

Creating your Ad

To create your advert the next step is to go to your business manager and create the advert from the Facebook page.

After you get to the business manager, you will see all your admin functions like this:

Click on the “Create” button above in your Facebook business manager. This will take you to the next step in creating your Facebook advert.

In this section you will choose the objective of your advert. I will explain what they mean.

1. Traffic

What traffic means is that you are trying to send them to another page. It can be a link, email list, form or something else.

If this is your aim for the Facebook ad then choose Traffic. Facebook will show the advert to people likely to click it on it.

Their algorithm does all the work.

2. Engagement

If your aim is to get more likes and comments on the advert, then choose this option. If you want a case of more than 100 and thousands of likes this options will achieve that for you.

3. Brand Awareness/Reach

If you want your page to get more likes and awareness then this option is the best option for you. Facebook would show it to people that are likely to like your page.

4. App Installs

For this option, if you have an App and want more app installs this option will show it to the right audience that install apps regularly.

5. Video views

This options is for videos. If you want the right audience to watch your video and maximize your money on the video then choose this option.

6. Lead generation

If you want to get more phone numbers and names of prospects to call then choose this option. Like the name implies you will get more leads.

7. Messages

If you want to get more messages directly to the Facebook messenger then this is the best option to choose.

8. Conversions

If you own an e-commerce or online store and want to track all the actions visitors take on the website then this is the best option. It will track visits, buys, and more.

After you are through with the objectives, follow the arrow down step by step.

At the bottom you will see the continue button. After clicking on it you will follow the instructions given.

After you click on the continue button just follow all the steps and in no time your first Facebook Ad will be ready. I will update this post to include more steps and tips to make your Facebook Ad more effective.

Stay tuned for more tips.