4 Marketing lessons from naira marley

The first time I heard of the name “Naira Marley” was during his EFCC trial. Blogs, TV stations and popular bloggers kept talking about him. This was when I started noting down marketing lessons we can learn from Naira Marley.

You may have heard of the word “marlians“… Well, he was the one that introduced the word and create one of the biggest movements in the Nigerian music industry in 2019.

It has over 3 million search enquiries on Google. 3 million people!

He got people like Don Jazzy, Burna boy, Wizkid and more to become a part of the “marlian movement”.

While you might not like his personality, you can take notes on his marketing ability.

Here are 4 marketing lessons from Naira Marley

1. Controversy

He became controversial when he started releasing tracks on issues people had strong issues on. This got people talking about him on a daily basis and giving him publicity.

This equals more brand exposure and attention. I’m not a fan of this strategy but lots of brands use this.

For example, there’s an Instagram page called Instablog, they have over two million followers and lots of advertisers on their platform.

They built their brand through controversial news, same with Linda Ikeji. As a business there is a limit to how controversial you can be but it’s good to always have your voice heard.

2. Create a Mission

He created a “We vs them” situation for his fans. In his words, if you’re not a marlian, get out… Something like that.

After his case against the EFCC he gained sympathy and his fans took him like an activist. So he is more than a musician to them. The same we took Fela, it’s more like a activist and freedom seeker.

In your business, look for ways to create a mission and involve your customers in it.

If you sell skincare, talk a lot about having confidence, happiness and self expression. Same with fashion and other industries, tie it into something bigger

This will create a stronger bond between you and your customers.

3. Have a target market

He didn’t try to please everybody, he knew what his audience and gave them what they wanted. He didn’t try to sugarcoat or change from his ways, he knew what his audience loved and hated.

As a business owner you can’t appeal to every type of customer, doing that will slowly kill your business.

You’re not jollof rice, everyone can’t like you. Study your target market, know their likes, dislikes, income range and cater to them. I touch on how to find your target market on Facebook in this post.

Treat them like royalty and they will reward you like royalty.

4. He is an entertainer

This technique was perfected by the late Music legend, Michael Jackson.

He combined music with dancing. He created different dance steps including the famous break dance and moon walk. It always seemed more than just music to his fans.

People like to be entertained and would love to be part of a movement that is fun. His concerts and live shows always got sold-out because everyone wanted to have a great time.

Naira Marley used the same strategy to grow his brand and sell-out his concerts. With the dance step “Zanku” which went viral, Naira Marley made it almost his own alongside his friend Zlatan Ibile.

In your business look for ways to make it fun for your customers, whether it’s with fun promotions, concerts, giveaways, engaging content, behind the scenes pictures of your company and more.

No one likes a boring brand.

Hope you can apply something from the marketing lessons from Naira Marley to your business today.

Even though you might not like him hope you learnt some marketing lessons from Naira Marley today. If you have questions and opinions, feel free to share in the comments.

Cheers to more success.