how to release a new skincare product

You will learn how to release a new skincare product properly and smile to the bank at the same time.

When I started working with skincare brands I realised that sometimes it’s the smallest things that can make a business fail. That’s why I took my time to create this list for you.

Let’s look at four things you can do to launch it.

1. Communicate with your existing customers and tell them about the new product.

You can start with teasers. Drop the design, ask them if they love it. After teasing the new design, tell them about the benefits and the release date.

The main purpose for this is to get them talking. After you’ve got them talking about it we move to the next step.

2. Give them a discount on the new product

Put out a discount for people that get the new product before the launch date. This will be a way to show appreciation for the loyalty and giving them that VIP treatment for being a loyal customer.

3. Put a deadline to it

No one will really appreciate a discount if there’s no deadline to it. It’s just human nature, people prefer knowing when an offer will no longer be valid.

Create a day and time where the deadline will come to an end. Once there’s a sense of urgency it makes them purchase faster.

That’s not all. There’s one more thing.

4. Have a countdown to the deadline

Drop continuous posts during the day of the deadline. People need to continuously see it to get reminded and make their decision fast.

After you’ve made sales, get the feedback and testimonials of those who bought.

Put up adverts of the testimonials to attract more customers. We already know the power of testimonials, I explained it here.

That’s how you launch a new product when you already have a skincare business running.

What if you don’t have a business running and want to start from the scratch?

Before I explain what you need to do there are three things that have to be in place.

Have a great product, test it in small markets, and have a unique story.

1. Have a great product

how to release a skincare product

It’s impossible to survive in the skincare niche without products that really work. It’s better taking your time learning how to be a great formulator and entering the market than rushing into it and disappointing your customers.

Take your time, become one of the best formulators and create products that you’re proud of. From here you can now test it.

2. Test in small markets

After creating a great product, the next obvious step is to test and ensure it really works. By small markets I mean family and friends, you can account for this as a marketing expense but it’s very much needed and important.

This will be the start of the testimonials and positive reviews you will get. So from day one you can show prospects that people have used it and seen desirable results.

This also gives you enthusiasm and positive energy because you have 100% belief in your products.

3. Have a unique story

There’s a saying that goes like this “A product tells while a story sells”. There’s a reason why cinema’s are always crowded and people continuously watch new movies.

People like knowing the story behind what you’re doing. What made you start a skincare business? How was your skin like? Why are you passionate about skincare?

Create a story around your business and you’ll connect with your customers better.

After you’re through with these, let’s look at seven aggressive marketing strategies someone starting out can use to release their skincare product properly.

1. Partner with local businesses

Go to hair salons, dry cleaners, neighbourhood shops, clinics, restaurants and more businesses. Work out a deal that will involve you putting your products in their shop. You can get creative with these and work out something.

2. Flyer marketing

It looks outdated but it’s still relevant especially when you want people around your area to be aware of your business. Have a design that stands out and your target market will pay attention.

Create an irresistible offer on the flyer and you’ll surely receive calls. If you spend N10,000 on flyers and end up getting 5 customers who spend N8000 each that’s a profit of N30,000.

3. Partner up with local charity

This can include causes, even events coming up, like marathons, runs and more. Ask them if you can showcase your products or give a branded item that shows your product name.

4. Contact physical stores, malls and e-commerce stores.

Physically go to stores and work out a deal to get your products in them. Also search for e-commerce stores and contact them.

5. Branded t-shirt

You can create a t-shirt with your logo and something catchy. Something like “Ask me about … skincare” or anything creative. Have your staff or sales team wear it.

It will create extra awareness and it’s a conversation starter.

6. Hire promotion vehicles and go on a tour

You must have seen product tours where people dance and create extra awareness about their product. It will create awareness and flyers can be shared here too. All you need here is to rent the vehicle and spend the day creating awareness all over your state, also have a form with people’s phone numbers and name.

You can offer lovely discounts for people that buy on the spot. Remember since you already know these person can be a customer for life, giving them that discount wouldn’t hurt.

7. Social media marketing

By social media marketing you already know paid advertising, organic marketing and lots more are involved. You can read some articles on that here

I can continue with over 50 ways on how you can release a new skincare product properly but at the end of the day it’s all about being skilled and strategic with the method you decide to use.

Feel free to drop your questions as it’s hot in the comment section.

Cheers to success.