How to prevent your Facebook ad account from being disabled in 2020

The best way to prevent your Facebook ad account from being disabled includes having different admins on each advert account in your business manager, keeping to Facebook policies, having one IP address and giving people that click on your ads a good user experience.

Let me explain.

Facebook is a business with shareholders and stakeholders. Having a good brand image matters to them and the process of maintaining that image includes reviewing the activities of the advertisers on their platform.

While having advertisers on their platform is important they also want to give their users a good experience on their platform. That’s why they don’t hesitate to disable an advert account that might lower their brand image.

Sometimes it can be a mistake and in some cases they’re right. Well, so how can you prevent? One of the methods is by having multiple ad accounts in your business manager. Here’s how your business manager should look like:

The first way is by having multiple admins on different ad accounts. Who is ad admin? Someone that can manage your page and create ads.

When you’ve different ad accounts, when an ad account is disabled that won’t prevent you from still running ads on that Facebook page. I touch more on this in this post.

The advantage of this is that when one ad account gets suspended or disabled it would not affect the other ad accounts from functioning.

Here’s how your business manager will look like:

Click on the Add Ad account and also click on the Add people to add multiple admins.

The next step is to keep to the Facebook advert policies.

What are Facebook advert policies? Well, this are policies that have been set up by Facebook that tell advertisers what is acceptable and what isn’t on their platform. They mostly are against misleading adverts, alcohol, adult sites, health claims and much more.

Click here to read and understand the policies. Make sure you stay tuned to new updates so that you won’t be caught sleeping. This is the most common reason for accounts being disabled by Facebook. There are so many but I have summarized some of it below:

  • Ads promoting gambling or lottery
  • Ads must not make ridiculous claims
  • They must not promote the sale of prescription pharmaceutical products or drugs
  • Ads that promote get-rich-quick schemes
  • Promoting adult related content or products
  • Adverts that are unrelated to what’s on the landing page. This means what the user sees after clicking on the ad is different from what was promoted.

Staying abreast of the Facebook ad policies can help prevent your Facebook ad account from being disabled. The other method is to create a good advert experience. Let me explain.

I always make sure I add value in my adverts and give the readers a good experience. When Facebook notices that most people are loving my ad and leaving positive comments, they will see the advert as a great one.

When the opposite occurs, especially when Facebook sees negative comments and reports on the advert being a scam they will likely take in down and flag it.

In the long term that ad account can be taken down.

Knowing how to target the right people and give them a positive experience is important. I touched it here.

The other step is to make sure you don’t have different IPs operating the same account. When you have people from different regions continuously logging in and out, Facebook automatically suspects that something fishy is going on.

I always leave the most important aspects of managing my ad account to myself.

I would advise you do the same to. That’s not all.

If your account got disabled, read this article to know the best thing to do next. Read it here.

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