How to increase instagram sales (Instagram dm strategy)

Ever heard of this term “sliding in the dm”… It doesn’t just apply to individuals trying to date, it also applies to businesses. You will learn and know how to increase your instagram sales in this post.

According to Hubspot 70% of Instagram users have spent time searching for a brand on the platform.

What does this mean to you as a business owner?

Instagram is a great place to get customers for your business. There’s a saying, “If the well can’t go to Musa then Musa would have to go to the well.”

In Instagram terms, if your customers can’t find you then you would have to find them.

So what’s a DM?

DM means Direct Messages.

how to make more sales from instagram dm

There are 6 types of DM’s.

1. Text-based message

This is the normal written message we write.

2. Picture message

From the name, it’s pictures that you send to someone, it can be from your camera roll or you can snap a picture from the message thread and send it there.

3. Video-based message

You can get it from your camera roll or get it directly from the message thread. It will have to be fast though because videos can play for only 15 seconds.

4. Video Chat

If 15 seconds is too short for you, you can do a direct video chat with the person.

5. Group chat

This involves having multiple people in one thread.

6. Voice notes

Some people prefer this because of the convenience.

So how do you use this amazing DM’s to sell your products and services on Instagram?

It can be done in 3 main ways below.

1. Use your stories to get messages

This can be achieved by asking questions in your stories and asking your followers to direct message an answer. This is a smart way to get them to give you an answer in your direct message and even push for a sale.

For example, If you asked a question like, “Between our three face creams which is your favourite?”

Some people might end up making enquiries about it, not only that… You will get to know your customers opinions and preferences. Some may have almost ran out and will even want to buy on the spot.

Hope you understand where this is going to.

Another example is teasing them and telling them to answer a question, you will then send the reply via dm. It will help build up that relationship with your customers and make it easier to sell them your products or services.

2. Reach out to people that always engage

When you notice certain people are always interacting on your posts, dm them and build up a relationship with them.

You can appreciate them for always being active and give them some type of special treatment. This will inspire them to continue engaging with your posts.

A special discount can also be offered. The discount can be an appreciation for their being active and loyal.

3. Network and reach out to potential customers

Is there someone you feel will be interested in your products or services? Maybe they made a comment on a different page, used a particular hashtag or replied to an advert .

Sending them a dm is a great way to start a long-term fruitful business relationship. Make sure you really want to add value to them and not just make a sell.

Refer to a post or comment they made and create a connection with them before trying to sell them anything.

Still not sure of how to go about it? Here’s an example.

Hey Jumoke! I saw in your story that you’re starting a food delivery business and you’re looking for a credible logistics company. I run one if you’re still interested. Thanks, Ngozi.

You can get creative.

Instagram direct messages are an amazing way to build trust, make sales, increase loyalty and brand awareness.

It’s important to make the messages look personal and not just copy & paste type of messages. If you haven’t been using it you can start right now.