How to get testimonials from customers

I once had a client who did nothing on social media but post testimonials from customers all day.

Guess what?

Her sales beat most of her competitors. She didn’t need to master all the social media tips, all she did was put up testimonials from her customers on a daily basis.

She knew how to get testimonials from customers and you’ll know the same after reading this post.

Having testimonials is often overlooked but is one of the most important aspects of marketing.

Testimonials can come in many forms.

  1. They can be pictures of happy customers using your product
  2. Positive reviews of customers
  3. A video of a happy customer telling others to patronize your products/services

Why are testimonials so powerful?

Testimonials are powerful because it’s an automatic proof to a potential customer that your product works. The customer instantly visualizes themselves using that product and getting the results they desire.

According to Forbes, Studies show that people read reviews and make buying decisions based on them: 88% of online shoppers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Think of testimonials like prescription drugs…

Most of us heard about paracetamol through someone that used it and got a nice result from it. Although they ran ads, they got most of their customers through word of mouth reviews.

They wouldn’t have grown if the people did not feel better after taking it..

So, how can you get more testimonials?

1. The first step is to work on improving the product

You have to constantly work on improving your product to give the customer the best experience ever. Think about the Apple brand. Apple has kept improving their products and bringing out new models with better features.

How do you think they grew so fast?

I doubt if you ever saw any of their adverts. All they did was give the customers a great user experience, made it a status symbol and made it exclusive.

The word started spreading out fast and they conquered the luxury phone market without even putting up a single advert. The same process goes for any other product.

You’ll save a lot of marketing capital if you work on this alone. Mixing this with good marketing will give you more customers than you can deal with.

It takes us to number two.

2. Give customers an incentive to drop their feedback

Promise them a discount if they give a review about your product. This can even be used as a marketing promotion, for example, get 20% discount on our new body cream if you leave a review on our previous products and tag us.

It can even be a competition for a cash prize, I used this to get over 50 testimonials for a client in a week.

Some people don’t like going public with testimonials but when you give them an incentive they open up more. So you can give a cash prize or discount and watch your testimonials triple,

This leads us to the next step.

3. Tell them after they buy that you look forward to getting their review

Seems small but it goes a long way. Simply ask your customers after they buy to give their reviews after getting the product.

An example, “I appreciate your trust in us, we will be glad if you can drop your testimonials after using it and possibly tell your friends about it if you love the results”.

It’s as simple as that.

This sticks in your customers minds.

4. Communicate with every customer after they buy.

The period of time you communicate with a new customer can be between two weeks to a month. Send them a message and ask about their progress, this does two things.

First, the customer knows that you really care about them, also it shows that you’re different from other customers and makes them build up a closer relationship with your business.

If the customer says that the progress has been great, ask him/her to give full details of why it’s been great. After they have explained in detail ask for their permission to use it a testimonial.

Most will agree.

So you can see that there are lots of ways to ask for testimonials. I also touched on this in the ugly truths of marketing where I explained why some people struggle with marketing.

Don’t ignore the power of testimonials in your marketing today, you’ll thank me later.

That leads us to the question: Do you use testimonials in your marketing?

Let’s know in the comments.

Cheers to success.