How to Find Your Target Audience on Facebook In Nigeria

So you want to reach the right audience in Nigeria?

Let’s say you’re selling perfumes, you would want to reach people that love perfumes and also have the ability to buy it immediately or soon enough.

The same applies to all kinds of markets.

You want to apply it to the right interest group and also the ones who have the ability to buy that product.

So how can you achieve this right audience?


You have to research your market on Facebook through Facebook Audience Insight Tool.

So how do you use it?

I would explain now. Let’s start from the age function.

From the information you will be able to see the age bracket where the majority of your target audience falls in.

This will save you money and time.

When creating an ad you have to put in the age range you want to target, knowing where majority of your likely audience will help you target them better.

The next step is to choose your audience interests.

What do they mean by choosing interests?

Interests are what your potential customers are interested in. When you know their likely interests, reaching them becomes easier.

For example if you were selling perfumes, fragrance can be a nice interest to check. After you put in the word fragrance you can now research the page that they like.

That leads to the next step.


This will give you access to more data.

You will have a wider range of audience to target with this information. That’s not all, knowing the pages they are interested in will also help you when creating content for your page.

The next step is the location.

If you owned a local business then this step will be the most beneficial to you.

This location tool will narrow down your target audience and help you know the states where majority of the buyers reside in.

Less is more when it comes to marketing.

When you can do the best research before advertising you will get the best results.

That leads us to the next thing.

Cost of advertising on Facebook In Nigeria.

A question I get asked a lot is on the cost of advertising on Facebook.

Well, you can advertise on Facebook for any amount as long as it’s above $1.

The beauty of Facebook ads is that you can start small and grow big. If you can’t grow small then growing big will not be possible.

A good amount to use is $5 a day.

With $5 a day you will be able to test whether the advert is working or not.


Don’t believe anyone that says all you need is to put an advert and go back to sleep while the money will be coming in instantly.

You better stay awake and monitor your ads.

There have been times I expected my adverts to do well and it ended up fumbling.

I had to re-do one or two times before I got the results I initially wanted.

Three things to look for include:

1 Image/Video

2 Content

3. Product/service provided (Unique offering)

By the image I mean the picture or video that you’re using in your advert.

Does it stand out? Is it catchy? What message does it communicate?

By content I mean the message you have written down in the body of the text. Is it catchy enough to make readers want to read through?

If it’s not people won’t bother to even read.

They will scroll fast faster than a chicken running away from the owner on Christmas day.

Last but not least, the product or service you’re offering.

If it’s the same thing they see everyday why would they even bother to message or call you?

It has to be something different from the usual.

I always point out this fact to my clients. You need to make your product or service stand out, it must look like a new deal they haven’t seen elsewhere.

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