How to double your sales on Valentine’s Day

The season of love is around the corner. Where cuddles, hugs and kisses will be flying left and right. Well, Naira will also be flying left and right.

This post will help your business enjoy from the love.

According to Punch, 2.5 million transactions took place on Valentine’s day, 2019 as captured by the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement Systems, NIBSS payment platform.  

I have personally benefited through the methods I will share in this post.

Here are eight strategies your business can use to benefit from Valentine’s Day. 

1 .Pre-Valentine’s Day Offer

The first time I experimented with this was last year. This strategy involves having a promotion one week before Valentine’s day.

All you need to do is to give a great offer a week before Valentine’s Day.  By a great offer I mean an offer that your customers won’t want to miss out on.

For example, 30% off this week only. This offer is for the early birds, find that special something for the special someone now and save money.

This will make more people want to get the deal fast.

That’s not all.

Your customers attention and funds are limited. On Valentine’s day lots of brands will be competing for both from your customers.

One of the best way to not get affected is to have a pre-valentine’s day offer.

The next strategy is:

2. We Miss You Promotion – For Inactive Customers

The same way ex’s reunite is the same way you want t reunite with old customers who haven’t bought in a while.

And the truth is that they may just need some extra motivation to repurchase back from you.

There’s more to it.

You can let them know you love them and this deal is a proof of it. This kind of promotion can include, buy an item and get another item free.

For example, we miss seeing you around, get a free face cream for every body cream you buy.

You can also get creative with this and come up with ideas. That leads us to the next strategy.

 3. Thanks for Being a VIP Customer

Whether we like or not, everyone loves being treated like a king or queen.

When you let your customers know they are held in high regard and belong to a high category they won’t want to disappoint and won’t mind spending a lot to keep up.

That’s how psychology works.

That’s why VIP sections in events will always get filled up in record time. Make your customers feel like a VIP and they will reward your account like a VIP.

4. Get Something for your Loved Ones And You Promotion

From the title of this strategy this strategy gives customers the opportunity to save on an item for their loved ones, and get something nice for themselves too.

This is one of the most common Valentine’s day promotion offers.

For example, buy an item for a loved one and get one item 50% off for you.

5. Come party with us promotion!

This is a great way of making your customers and prospects come to your store. You can play some nice romantic music and offer cookies, cake or wine at your store.

You can then offer discounts on your products or services.

This is a super way to bond with your customers. I have used this strategy and the results have been awesome. It’s also fun and exciting.

6. Us Vs Valentine’s Day Promotion

This promotion is for those who don’t celebrate or acknowledge the day.

You can create a 25% off everything before Valentine’s day post. Look for ways to make it fun.

Eg. For those of us that don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, I’m giving a 25% discount from now till Valentine’s Day.

7. Share the love Valentine’s Day Promotion

This strategy encourages customers to refer a friend to buy a product or to come to the store. Eg. Refer a friend and get one free.

This promotion is also common.

8. Last-Minute Gift Promotion

This strategy involves introducing a last minute gift offer. This can involve a 4 hour deal, an example is buy a sandwich before 6pm and get a free small pack of pizza.

This offer is very powerful especially when the free gift is a nice one.

After Valentine’s Day, what’s next?

Well, your promotions don’t have to end on Valentine’s day. You can give a one-time deal after Valentine’s day.

For example, you can say Valentine’s day is over but we’re still sharing the love, get our final offer which expires tomorrow.

You get the idea right?

Most importantly, you need to learn how have promotions running throughout the year. You can read up this article here on how to create successful ads on Facebook.

When customers see you care about them through your promotions they will show their care towards you by buying your product or service.

Do you have any questions, let’s know in the comments.

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Cheers to success.