How to create great content fast

Creating content is one thing that people get overwhelmed with. I get questions like:

“How do I get ideas on what to write about?”

“I get tired of creating content everyday”

“I rarely get any feedback on my content, it makes creating content regularly not worth it”

Well, after today you will learn a way to never run out of content and also creating great content.

Here are three ways to create great content

1. Focus on your strengths

It’s hard continuing to do something you don’t love. If you don’t love creating videos, trying to make videos for the next 60 days will be hard to do.

If you don’t love writing, trying to make blog posts will be hard to do consistently for the next 60 days.

Same with any other thing.

The first step is to focus on your strengths. Know the type of content that resonates well with you and continue to produce that type of content.

You can dedicate an hour during the weekend and draw out topics you will write about during the week.

For this to really work you need to keep educating yourself on your market. If you’re a skincare specialist you need to share new discoveries, ingredients and more. You can’t just be general. If you’re a real estate agent you need to share insights that your ideal buyer won’t find elsewhere.

If your content is not unique why would they look forward to it?

The same way we appreciate classic songs is the same way we will appreciate content that goes the extra mile.

2. Re-purpose old content

According to Gary Vaynerchuk, it’s smart to use top performing posts and spread it around different social media platforms.

Let me explain. Here are examples

a. Take screenshots of your tweets and turn them into Instagram posts.

b. Take pictures of your  partners, customers, or clients then add a write-up for context. Post it on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Twitter.

c. Crosspost your Instagram stories to Facebook stories.

d.  Take a screenshot of your Twitter interactions, and post on Instagram stories.

e. Give your thoughts on trending news happening in your field.

3. Show behind the scenes

Do you know behind the scenes pictures and analysis is also classified as content?

How many times do you see sport pundits talk before and after a sport game with millions of viewers just happy hearing their analysis before and after a match.

The same thing with business.

People want to see what’s happening behind the scenes, the process you put in before bringing a great product to life, the banter, the jokes, the happy faces, the hard work, your staffs and more.

That’s free content.

Content doesn’t have to be a long post or a video. It can be a happy customer, an obstacle your company is facing, some news in your industry, your staffs working to keep customers happy and more.

The next aspect is engagement

It’s one thing to create content, it’s another to create content. Let’s look at the ways you can create lots of interactions around your content.

1. Use Instagram stories like twitter

You can share other people’s content on your Instagram stories and also post frequently on your stories. You will always stay in front of people’s minds if you’re always in front of their stories.

2. Ask questions

Asking questions is the fastest way to get your fans come out of their shell and interact.

3. Share any interesting responses from your question.

Your fans will end up creating free content for you and everyone will feel involved. Plus everyone gets publicity.

4.Use Instagram/Facebook Live

Go live on Instagram and Facebook occasionally.

5. Engage with your fans content

Always check on your most interactive fans and also communicate with them on a regular basis.

6. Shout-out people on a regular basis

Don’t be selfish with giving appreciation where it’s due. Share/Repost/Retweet posts that you love or feel your audience can gain from.

That’s it for today in respect to creating content.

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Let’s hear your questions and thoughts in the comments.

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