How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 2020

The first step is simple, click on the Create tab below

After you click on that tab the next tab will look like this:

You will click on the page icon and the next tab that comes out will look like this:

You will have to choose whether you want it to be around a business or a public figure. After you choose, the next page will look like this:

After you choose a Page name and select a category the next step would be this:

This is where you would choose a profile picture, this can be the logo of your business. After that the next step will be adding a Facebook cover page. It will look like this:

And finally after you upload your cover photo, your business page is ready! This is what it will look like.

And ladies and gentlemen, that’s it!

Your Facebook business page is ready. All you would need to do is to make sure it’s complete.

You will now be able to run Facebook adverts through this page. That’s not all, you can also link it up with a group if you have any.