Facebook Ad Account Disabled? Do This Next To Still Advertise…

To fix a disabled Facebook account, you can appeal it, create another business account, use another facebook page to run adverts on the page with the banned ad account. Let me explain.

Imagine logging into your Facebook business manager just to see that your ad account has been disabled.

I have been there.

Trust me, there is a solution to it. I was shocked and felt this bad sensation in my stomach seeing that my account had been disabled

Before I give the solution, let’s discuss on the reasons why Facebook disables ad account.

  1. Lack of payment

Facebook can temporarily disable an account if you hadn’t paid the balance for a previous ad campaign. I touch more of it in this post here.

  1. Violating the Facebook ad terms

Facebook has a code of conduct for advertisers who want to use their platform. From words you can’t use, pictures you can’t use and markets you can’t target. Read this article to read the full list of what’s not allowed on Facebook ads.

  1. Lack of activity

While this rarely happens, Facebook can disable Facebook ad accounts due to lack of activity. They can assume maybe you don’t use the account anymore and then decide to disable. That leads us to the major cause of most people getting their Facebook ad account disabled.

  1. Facebook making a mistake

This was the reason I got one of my Facebook ad accounts disabled. You can get your account disabled for no reason and you will have no other option but to appeal their decision. This leads us to the next question.

How can you get your ad account back and running again?

If your account was disabled due to lack of payment, all you need to do is to make payment for your outstanding balance and you will get your ad account back.

That’s how your account would look like.

Once you pay the outstanding balance you will be able to run adverts.

If your account was disabled due to no fault of yours the best option is to appeal. When you make an appeal a Facebook customer rep would be able to see it and pick up your case.

That’s not all.

You will get a form from Facebook and have the opportunity to appeal the decision.

For best results, make the message a long and comprehensive one when you explain that the decision was a wrong one. Wait for three days, if you don’t get an answer, resend it and you can rewrite it.

Facebook has different customer reps so it’s likely someone else that will see it and reply.

Be persistent.

If this message you got after the third day was not positive, keep messaging for two weeks non-stop. My query was attended two within three days and my ad account was reactivated.

If you violated the advert policy of Facebook there are two options.

1 Use the method I touched on above.

2. If you still want to use your page to run ads, connect another page and run ads through that page.

Here’s what I mean:

When you have other ad accounts in your business manager you can easily use it to run ads for another page. When you log into the page, it would look like this.

You’ll add them as a partner on your business account.

The other option is to create a new Facebook account from the scratch solely for adverts or run your adverts through someone else’s advert account.

There’s a saying that prevention is better than cure.

I explain how to prevent your Facebook advert account from getting banned.

That’s not all.

I share the ultimate way to sleep well even if an ad account gets disabled. This post shows the ultimate strategy to never get affected by Facebook banning your account.

Also, learn how to create successful ads here.

Let me know if you’ve ever had a Facebook ad account disabled in the comment below and if you have resolved it.