effective email marketing strategies that will help double your customers

With these effective email marketing strategies making consistent sales will never be a problem.

This post will teach you how to increase your customer base and turn them to lifelong customers

Firstly, we must understand that email is just a channel for communicating with your audience on the product or service that you’re providing.

Here are the advantages of email marketing

1. There is Less Noise

Unlike social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and a host of others, there is no distraction.

No one is competing for their attention every second, also they can come back the next day and still see the content you created.

Unlike social media where your content will be automatically pushed to the bottom after one or two days.

2. There Is No Length Limitation

Unlike platforms like Instagram, and Twitter which have length limitations in regards to the words, emails don’t have that.

3. Control

I have seen people lose their social media accounts and lose all the followers that they had spent years trying to build. It can be painful when you look at the effort and time put.

With email marketing, all you need to do is to have an email subscriber list and have a back-up in case happens to it.

With this you will have full control of your email subscriber and won’t live in the fear of losing it.

So how do you become an email marketing superstar?

Just imagine how it will feel seeing payment notifications through your email marketing efforts on a daily basis.

Amazing right?

Well, it’s going to happen if you can stick with the following tips.

Here are some effective email marketing strategies

1. Have a sequence

Let me explain. When it comes to emails you must have a structure behind your emails.

Day 1 can be sharing a personal story, day 3 can be promoting a product, day 5 can be sharing a live session you plan to host later that day, day 8 can be a testimonial or review of your product or service.

Most people don’t plan like this. They just put random emails without no plan or structure behind it. Having a sequence is an effective email marketing strategy.

2. Blend it together

Imagine blending fruits into a smoothie or blending tomato, onions and pepper into stew…

The same process is required in email marketing. You have to blend in education and entertainment.

If you go to hard trying to educate your customers or prospects about your products they will get bored…

And if you try to entertain them too much you will end up selling nothing.

3. Use trends

There’s always a new trend every month. Whether it’s a funny video, viral slang, song or whatever. The fastest way to relate and connect with your ideal customers is to use trends.

Using trends is an effective email marketing strategy because it helps you bond faster with your audience. The only downside to trends is that it has an expiry date.

4. Use testimonials

One thing that’s as sweet as success is seeing success stories.

Everyone loves hearing about other people that have used your product or service.

I explained how to get testimonials from your customers here.

This also gives them a breathe of fresh air as it’s different from the emails they get everyday.

5. Write in your own language

Everyone tries to be as official as possible when writing emails, the same boring type of writing that comes off as fake.

Write like you’re talking one on one with your audience.

Use humor, put in some slang, tell stories about your day to day life and address important issues that matter to you.

This will make you come across as authentic and even make you feel happy sending emails on a consistent basis.

When you follow the above in a consistent matter you will experience an increase in profits.

Most importantly, you’re dealing with human beings here, your mindset is to give them the best value.

Once your product or service stands above the rest in your market the tips above will be like putting gasoline on fire.

If you’re struggling growing your email list or finding interested prospects, read my post on creating successful adverts here.

So to make a recap, write in your own language, use storytelling, get personal, take advantage of trends, write like you’re speaking one on one with a friend, have a blend of education and entertainment.

The above are effective email marketing strategies. I have used it to make sales in various industries.

Wish you success.