7 things that turn off potential customers online

There are several things that turn off potential customers online without you even knowing. It’s good to identify them early to avoid losing money.

Here are 7 things that can turn off potential customers online

1. Bad Customer Service

things that turn off potential customers

You will likely have experienced this. There was a time I wanted to order something online, very urgent. I messaged up the first company, didn’t get a response.

By the time they replied I had already messaged someone and paid for my product. I had moved on my life and purchase.

First impression matters and it’s very important in business. When potential customers notice that your customer service is trash they will run like they were preparing for the Olympics.

With that we move on to the next thing that can turn off potential customers away.

2. Inconsistency in figures

There was a time I wanted to analyze a clients business, so I went to their website and saw a particular price for a product, went to their Instagram page so a totally different price.

To put the icing on the cake, when I called the customer care rep she told me a different price too. I couldn’t believe it.

Now put yourself in the shoes of your customer…

What impression will they have of your business after experiencing this nightmare. It definitely would not be a good one.

So, as a business owner, make sure all your figures are consistent across all channels including Instagram, Facebook, website etc.

If there are certain times during the year when you give discounts make sure you inform your customers about it and change it once you’re through with the promotion.

3. Poor looking social media page/website page.

Many people don’t understand the importance of this but after reading what I’m about to write you’ll understand.

Now, just imagine seeing two shops, one looks so beautiful, sparkling neat, lighted up, pleasant aroma, friendly staffs while the other store looks dirty, scattered, angry-looking staffs and a dull environment…

All things being equal, which store would you want to check out?

Your guess is as good as mine.

The same thing applies to your social media pages or website. When potential customers come they’re assessing you and comparing your page or site to the others they’ve seen.

Is it looking creative, neat, fresh, nice-looking, friendly pictures, and educative content or is it looking rough, scattered, boring and unfriendly?

If your page is like a scarecrow that scares away people don’t get surprised when your site or page visits don’t translate to sales.

You’ve to make an audit and decide if your social media pages or website is actually attracting potential customers rather than scaring them off.

4. Being too cheap

This is one of the reasons many businesses go out of business without even knowing it.

It’s one thing trying to please your customer, it’s another thing displeasing yourself and your business because you want to make “faster” sales.

You have to run your numbers and make your pricing based on what you feel is best for your business.

Also, have this mind; everyone can’t be your target market. A Rolex or Rolls Royce won’t reduce their prices in order to make more people buy them.

You need to run the maths and decide what prices are okay for your business.

5. Delivery issues

This is one of the most annoying issues and most times it’s not really your fault.

Sometimes it can be that the delivery fee might be too high, or you might not be delivering to the particular place where that potential customer lives.

The worst, is when the potential customers orders their product but never gets it due to delivery issues. Most won’t want to do business again even if it was not your fault.

6. Too agreeable

potential customers

Have you ever seen a product or service that is “too agreeable”?

I would explain…

Imagine going to a pharmacy store and asking for a pain reliever that could make you fly and make you become the next President.

Instead of the attendant to laugh and say they don’t have anything to that effect, he/she suddenly brings a tablet and says that will make you fly and become the President.

How will you feel?

Scared, surprised or even confused right? Well, that’s how potential customers feel when you try to sugarcoat them all the time.

It’s good to state the limitations of your product so they can understand better and build trust with you.

Last but not least…

7. No social proof/testimonials/reviews

What would you do if you were on a street and everyone started running… Would you stay on your feet or run too?

9 times out of 10 you will also run.

It’s the same with social proof. Potential customer want to have the feeling that they are with the right team and they can see positive results.

Also, with the fear of being scammed online they want to be sure that they won’t make the wrong decision.

I made a post on how to get testimonials here.

Work on all these and watch your numbers improve.

Once you can work on the things that turn off potential customers online, create a way in which they can become aware of you.

In other words be proactive and not reactive.

Stay winning,

Demi Ademiluyi